Do We Have The Signs of a Real Estate Recovery for Prairie Village Kansas?

June 21, 2011

I came across this article that explains some of the signs to look at to determine if we are in a real estate recovery.  You will see that a real estate recovery is heavily contingent upon the status of the foreclosure market. 

REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Signs of a Real Estate Recovery?.

I think it is important to continue to monitor Prairie Village Kansas home foreclosures that are for sale.  In monitoring those Prairie Village Kansas homes that are currently for sale in the MLS system, it appears that there are 3 homes currently under contract and indicated as a foreclosure along with 1 still active.  

This is not to saythat there are not additional Prairie Village Kansas foreclosures on the market for sale that are not advertised as such in MLS.  However, it is my opinion that we do not have an excessive quantity of Prairie Village Kansas foreclosures on the market at this time.  However, based on the Realtor Mag article, I believe it is important to continually monitor the forecloure inventory to watch for signs of any significant changes that may affect our Prairie Village Kansas home neighbors.  I will be updating this data with future posts in hopes of providing quality information for valuing our Prairie Village Kansas homes.  

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