Prairie Village Kansas Dining and Shopping-Kokopelli Mexican Cantina

July 2, 2011

Courtesy Kokopelli Mexican Cantina

Looking for a new Mexican restaurant destination?  I had completely forgotten about one that is located in Prairie Village Kansas.

My husband and I were heading out for a quick dinner and had again decided to head to a fast food Mexican location.  Heading down 95th Street in Prairie Village Kansas, we passed by Kokopelli Mexican Cantina which we had both previously talked about visiting,  but had just never made it there. 

We decided to try it out this time.  Kokopelli Mexican Cantina has a great atmosphere and good variety of Mexican dishes.  While I am certainly not qualified to provide a critique of restaurants, both my husband and myself had great meals and the service was excellent.  They offer the old fashioned fried tacos which we both had and a chicken fluta.  Excellent and the sauces were exceptional.

Now that I have visited this Prairie Village Kansas restaurant, I will be back.  So, if you had forgotten about Kokopelli Mexican Cantina or have not been there, you might want to try it out.

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